What can I expect from my relationship with Milestone Wealth Management?

You can expect one-on-one, individualized service from an actual person in your community. We take the time to get to know you before we suggest any investments or insurance solutions so that you can always be assured that the decisions you make are right for you. We also place a very high importance on customer service, returning calls and emails promptly to ensure your complete confidence. All conversations, all transactions are completely confidential and held in the highest discretion, and we always provide a clear rationale for our recommendations and decisions. Our highest priority is your prosperity, and we will always adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards in all aspects of our relationship.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management comprises several layers. It combines financial planning, insurance planning, estate planning and various other financial services aimed at sustaining and growing your long-term wealth. A good wealth management strategy is a well-planned roadmap that will help you reach your financial goals and put you where you want to be in the future. A wealth manager typically advises on all aspects of financial planning.

How is wealth management different from money management?

Money management doesn’t often take the individual into account. It generally involves the process of managing a portfolio with a certain pre-defined investment style, benchmarked against a particular goal. People don’t often put all of their investment capital with any one money manager; instead, they would likely be the decision-maker, allocating assets to one or several money managers who then operate as they are directed to do so. In comparison, wealth management takes your financial objectives into account with a portfolio strategy that is designed to achieve those goals.

What makes Milestone Wealth a good financial advisor?

Milestone Wealth is a fiduciary advisor, meaning our first responsibility is to our clients. Also, we are independent. This means that we are not held “captive” by any one institution, and are not pushed to utilize any one company or any one solution. This allows us to be truly objective in all of our recommendations. Our philosophy is, it’s not about numbers, transactions, or any type of commission that could result from any transaction. We want to work with individuals who are a good fit for our business model so that we can provide the best possible service and level of care for each and every one of our clients.

What do you promise to your clients?

We promise to always think of our clients and their goals first and foremost, and to respect their feelings and wishes. It is also important to us to provide ongoing, proactive planning so that our clients worry as little as possible about the ever-changing circumstances that we are seeing today. Our job, and our express promise to our clients, is that we will be proactive in any way possible in order to provide them with as much peace of mind as we possibly can.

What kind of people do you work with?

If you are motivated to take control of your financial future and ready to take action, we want to work with you. We are located in Huntington Beach, and most of our clients are from the Orange County area. We do, however, work with individuals and organizations all over the country. If you are looking to grow and protect your wealth for tomorrow while living the dream today, we would love to hear from you, no matter where you are located in America.

What makes Milestone Wealth unique?

As an independent firm, we are not tied to any one company, group or organization, which means we can always do right by you financially, no matter what your long-term or short-term goals might be. With the better part of two decades of experience, we have the know-how, the insight and the connections to help you get where you want to be. Additionally, we are just passionate about what we do. Sounds kind of geeky, but it’s true. There is nothing more satisfying than helping our clients achieve their financial goals, and it’s as simple as that. We consider each client’s risk tolerance and focus on strategies that help manage risk while potentially limiting significant drawdowns. We utilize both traditional and alternative investment vehicles, and work directly with some of the most innovative money managers in the business through Brookstone Capital.

Where will the investment money be custodied?

For investments, the money is held by a 3rd party custodian. We use TD Ameritrade.

Who do I make checks out to?

Investment checks are always made out to TD Ameritrade. Insurance checks and payments are always made directly to the insurance company.

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